Photo Essay: 19 Separated Bike Lane Innovations


bike signalBy People for Bikes

Over the last year, we’ve shown how protected bike lanes and the higher biking rates they bring are great for the U.S. economy. As they become more popular, expect a surge in creative new ways to define space on our streets.

How do we know this is coming? Because it’s already happening around the world. Once communities create separate spaces for their bikes and cars, it’s only natural for them to start experimenting with new ways to do so while putting a “you are here” stamp on the urban environment that adds social and economic value. Here are some other examples, both memorable and mundane, that we’ve seen around the world.

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[image credit: James Schwartz: Flickr cc]


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  1. Awesome photos..BTW I (and not only I) hope that more bike lanes are going to be built worldwide..according to stats I got from write my essay fast in US in 2001 there were 732 bicyclist deaths and 45,000 bicyclist injuries while in 2014 there are 726 deaths and 50,000 injuries..surely, the number hasn’t increased much (the number of deaths even decreased) though now there’s a tendency towards preferring bikes over cars..still something should be done to increase the bicyclist’s safeness on the road..of course high fences could be a solution but if car owners and pedestrians as well as bicyclists themselves were more aware of others on the road, less accidents would happen..

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