Spotlight on the Sharing Economy: Q&A with TrustCloud


TrustCloud_Product_SnapShot_TrustCard1Many of the companies that supported our Indiegogo campaign are active participants in the sharing economy and we wanted to hear more about their companies and perspective on the sharing economy. We’ve asked each company to answer the same questions and this is our final submission.

What’s your name?
Xin Chung, Founder and CEO, TrustCloud

What does your company do?
We empower trust for sharing economy members and marketplaces.

When were you founded and how big are you?
We were founded 2009 and are now 8 ninjas strong.

How do you define the sharing economy?
The Sharing Economy is a movement composed of peer-to-peer marketplaces empowering micro-entrepreneurs (everyone!) to engage enthusiastic consumers (everyone!) to build community, reduce waste, and improve our quality of life.

How does your company contribute to the rise of the sharing economy? TrustCloud reduces  the largest source of friction in peer-to-peer transactions: “Can I trust this person?”

We provide trust indicators to the sharing economy community to make safer, faster, and more confident transactions.

How do you build community?

TrustCloud builds community by educating sharing economy partners and users about the future of online trust. We’re active in share economy coalitions online and offline in San Francisco, NYC, and the EU.

How does your company reduce consumption and stimulate economic growth?
Trustcloud stimulates economic growth by helping peer-to-peer marketplaces grow faster by speeding user sign-up, transaction, and confidence.

Can you share a recent milestone your company has achieved?
TrustCloud has recently lauched a trust endorsement system where you can vouche for members of the TrustCloud community.

What’s your biggest challenge?
TrustCloud’s biggest challenge is that some peer-to-peer marketplaces are unsure if they should build or buy their trust platform—we think they should partner so they can focus on making their core product more awesome.

What is your favorite thing to share?<
I love homesharing my flat in NYC whilst staying at a homeshare in San Francisco!

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