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Interview: “Chief Mom” At Plum Organics

By Bill Roth
plum organics

According to the EPA’s Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment children receive 50% of their lifetime cancer risks in the first two years of life. In past testing conducted by the Food and Drug Administration eight industry-leading baby foods were found to have measurable amounts of 16 pesticides, including three of which were consider to be carcinogens! It is due to facts like these and their growing dissemination via social media that the Green Economic Revolution is being lead by Concerned Caregivers (moms!) seeking to protect their loved ones.

Linking with Concerned Caregivers is a powerful “secret sauce” for many of the successful businesses in my network that are experiencing significant revenue growth. Here’s yet another example of such a business called the Nest Collective. Sheryl O’Loughlin, the company’s “Chief Mom,” is a former CEO of Clif Bar and a working mom. She and her company have “Pure From The Start™” as their mantra for their line of baby food called Plum Organics that are totally organic with no pesticides or chemicals.
Watch this video of Sheryl to learn Nest Collective’s best practices for growing green revenues while also addressing one of America’s most important issues, namely how to provide our children with a diet and environment that will sustain their future!

Image credit: Plum Organics via PR Newswire


Bill Roth headshot

Bill Roth is a cleantech business pioneer having led teams that developed the first hydrogen fueled Prius and a utility scale, non-thermal solar power plant. Using his CEO and senior officer experiences, Roth has coached hundreds of CEOs and business owners on how to develop and implement projects that win customers and cut costs while reducing environmental impacts. As a professional economist, Roth has written numerous books including his best selling The Secret Green Sauce (available on Amazon) that profiles proven sustainable best practices in pricing, marketing and operations. His most recent book, The Boomer Generation Diet (available on Amazon) profiles his humorous personal story on how he used sustainable best practices to lose 40 pounds and still enjoy Happy Hour!

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