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Video Interview: Joel Makower, GreenBiz

This interview is part of a series produced by Noble Profit.  To learn more, please visit NobleProfit.com.

In this complicated world, a few powerful incumbents maintain the status quo to protect a small number of special interest groups. This is not conspiracy theory, but fact. Meanwhile, many companies are doing much more than they are letting people know about. Why are these good guys afraid to tell us how they are doing things right? Joel Makower, Chairman and Editor of GreenBiz, speaks about these barriers to progress and the paradox of good happening simultaneously.

Looking at the future of the United States and the global economy with the opportunity of leading a multi-trillion dollar energy revolution, many corporations are flipping the bill for the evolution of clean tech. Yet, politics made clean tech a dirty word in the 2012 election, which was unanticipated by many.

In this video, we discover a paradoxical world in which we live  that causes companies who are doing good to tiptoe around their progress. Thankfully, there is far more positive change happening than we know, something to help us rest assured that conspiracy for good is also happening. This offers hope for tomorrow and food for thought about how to align our common goals within a paradoxical world.




Joel Makower is the Chairman and Editor of GreenBiz, and is a part of GreenBiz and Verge conferences in San Francisco. To attend GreenBiz, go to http://www.greenbiz.com/events/greenbiz-forum