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Go Green or Go Home: Why Being Eco-Friendly is Good for Delivery


By Phil Dumontet

People often assume that making eco-friendly choices means spending more money. But more often than not, going green will actually save you money. Even mega corporations like Walmart are increasing profits by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

It turns out that what’s good for the earth is also good for your business and its employees, especially if you offer delivery services. Additionally, you can save on expenses by offering environmentally friendly options.

Green means speed

The most environmentally friendly modes of transportation are also the cheapest. Using scooters, bikes and Smart cars can save you loads on gas while also increasing the number of deliveries you can manage in a day.

At Dashed, about 25 percent of our restaurant deliveries are done via bicycles and scooters, with another 50 percent done by Smart cars. That means 75 percent of our deliveries are maximizing speed and minimizing environmental impact, which has given us an advantage over our competitors.

When employees make deliveries on bikes or scooters, they can find faster routes easier than in a conventional car. Alleys and smaller side roads become valid routes, and the problem of parking is completely removed. Smart cars can also fit into tighter parking spots than larger vehicles.

When you factor in better routes and fewer parking worries, that equates to faster delivery times — the most important competitive advantage you can have. Fast deliveries maximize profit and keep your customers happy.

Go green to boost morale

Going green won’t just make the environment and your customers happier, though. It will make your employees happier, too. Prioritizing the environment shows you value more than just the bottom line, and your employees appreciate that. It gives the business and the individuals who work for you a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Green modes of transportation, such as bikes, are also better for morale than cars because exercise is good for people, both physically and psychologically. Using bikes for delivery means your employees will be healthier — inside and out.

Bikes and scooters also make the job more fun. Our employees enjoy friendly competition with each other to set records for the most deliveries in a day. And no one can overlook the fact that more deliveries equals more tips. Who can turn down making tips while exercising?

Not all of our deliveries are made by bike. We rent our Smart cars to those who prefer to drive but either don’t own a car or would like to use a Smart car. This offers the drivers more choices, and more choices lead to happier employees. When you take away the requirement to own a vehicle, delivery jobs also become more accessible to a greater number of people.

Go green to attract consumers

A brand’s eco reputation is becoming a growing concern for customers. People are looking for conscientious businesses to support, and establishing green practices will help you build trust within your market.

Green options are growing for both companies and consumers. We no longer have to choose between convenience and price or the environment. If you can’t “green” your delivery completely, consider even the smallest steps toward reducing your impact.

In the restaurant delivery sector, there are an increasing number of affordable green options for takeout bags, cutlery and napkins. A less visible but equally meaningful change you can make is to cut your paper use. Anything still being done on paper is an opportunity to be more environmentally responsible by switching to electronic systems. Paperless billing, online banking and emailed receipts are several ways you can cut out paper waste.

“Going green” may just sound like a trendy buzzword that isn’t worth the effort, but many environmentally conscious choices lead to more efficient systems and greater profits. Examine your delivery system, and figure out how you can go green. It will help you grow your business in ways that makes everyone — employees, customers, and you — feel good.

Image credit: Flickr/vincealongi

Phil Dumontet is the founder and CEO of DASHED, the leading restaurant delivery service in the Northeast. In 2013, DASHED was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., ranking #119 nationwide and #7 in Massachusetts on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500 | 5000 list. Phil prides himself on the company’s industry-leading delivery times & unique partnerships with higher-end restaurants, as well as their commitment to keeping delivery green and eco-friendly.

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