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Gallery: Protest Against Engie, a Fossil Fuel Sponsor of COP21


Earlier this week, we wrote about the absurd sponsorship of the UNFCC Paris COP21 climate talks by several fossil fuel-connected companies. Yesterday, one of those sponsors, Engie, was scheduled to host a sponsored discussion on energy intermittancy at the civil society space here in Paris.

What the company wanted was a showcase to greenwash its very anti-climate actions. What it got instead was a powerful civil society action -- in which dozens of silent protesters stood along the entryway to Engie's talk, holding up signs and voicing their opposition to the company's presence at the climate negotiations.

In fact, there were almost three times as many people gathering around the protest outside than were in the quiet, drab and, frankly, boring Engie talk. Everyone in the civil society space – and there were hundreds – could not have been made more aware of the fact that Engie was a big polluter trying to buy its way out of accountability.

Image credits: William Tan

Nithin Coca headshotNithin Coca

Nithin Coca is a freelance journalist who focuses on environmental, social, and economic issues around the world, with specific expertise in Southeast Asia.

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