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Recap: Eat More Fish! Sust. Seafood Convo w Whole Foods




On Friday, we chatted with sustainable seafood pioneers, grocer Whole Foods and nonprofit Seafood Nutrition Partnership, about how to help everyone eat more, better, healthier fish.

Seafood is one of the healthiest, most versatile protein sources. In the U.S., it's also one of the least consumed of the popular animal proteins, with Americans eating around 15 pounds of seafood per year compared to 60 pounds of chicken. Why aren't we eating more? 

Guest speakers

  • Linda Cornish is Executive Director for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, an organization focused on inspiring a healthier America through partnerships that raise awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of eating seafood.

  • David Pilat has worked in several stores, four regions, and Whole Foods Market’s own seafood processing facility in Pigeon Cove based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Now in his second date with WFM, he serves as the Company’s global seafood coordinator.

  • Nick Aster is a new media architect and the founder of TriplePundit.com

Seafood Nutrition Partnership reports that consumers find seafood intimidating. Where do you buy it? How do you prepare it? Why does it seem so expensive?  We learned the answers to these questions and much more!

Marissa Rosen headshotMarissa Rosen

Marissa is the Owner of Climate Social, LLC. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Mizzou and a master's in environmental studies from UPenn. 

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