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These Social Impact Ads Will Make You Smile


Corporate greed is repulsive, but companies that care about people are endearing. Studies show that millennials want to buy from companies that are interested in more than profit. They want to support brands that care.

Here’s a lineup of the newest and most beautiful social impact ads from companies, a band and a city that care.

1. Hyundai supports families

Stephanie, a girl living in Houston, misses her dad who isn’t living close by. In fact, he’s farther away than any dad on the planet … he’s on the International Space Station.

Hyundai asked Stephanie what message she’d like to send her dad, and then the company made it happen by using cars and a lot of dirt.

2. Fixodent has compassion for wildlife

A rare white lion named Aslan lost two of his canine teeth and is in pain … especially any time he tries to eat a hunk of meat. Fixodent tells the story to help people understand the emotional difficulty people experience when they lose their teeth. Fixodent repairs the lion’s teeth and gives him another chance to keep biting into life.

3. Spotify helps people hear

Spotify partnered with Starkey Hearing Foundation in the Philippines. Together they gave people who were deaf the gift of hearing.

4. Train encourages mental health

Music, dance and art “merge together to deliver a powerful message about loss, healing and letting go.” May is Mental Health Month. This music video is from the soft-rock band Train’s song, “Give It All,” and was created to help those who are struggling with mental illness.

5. Dove says men are strong when they care

Men often say that caring for people is strong and masculine. To acknowledge the caring side of men and celebrate their strength, Dove created this ad.

6. The city of Los Angeles applauds water conservation

California’s drought has been all over the news lately. Some estimate that the state only has one year of water left. The city of Los Angeles created this video to encourage residents to conserve water.
Renee Farris headshotRenee Farris

Renee is a social impact strategist who works with companies to help them focus on key social and environmental opportunities. She loves connecting with people so feel free to contact her at renee.a.farris@gmail.com.

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