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Top Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities


By Jenny Wise

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 17.1 percent of people with disabilities were employed in 2014. Compared to the employment-population ratio of people without disabilities, 64.6 percent, this statistic paints an unfortunate picture of employment prospects for people with physical or mental disabilities.

The outlook isn’t entirely grim, however. The unemployment rate for those with disabilities dropped to 12.5 percent in 2014, and legislation that requires certain employers to include individuals with disabilities as part of their workforce was bolstered that same year.

Forbes explains: “The ‘Final Rule’ of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires all government agencies, all companies with federal contracts and any company that has a business relationship with a company that gets money from the federal government, to strive for a workforce which is at least 7 percent made up of people with disabilities.”

Great job opportunities for people with disabilities

Beyond statistics, there are many job opportunities that are well-suited for individuals with disabilities. One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is the fact that it makes it possible for almost anyone to work from home or earn a living by running an online business. For people with disabilities, this is a welcome opportunity as various disabilities make it challenging to travel to an office or work in chaotic, fast-paced environments.

But working online isn’t the only job opportunity for people with disabilities. Here are just a few of the best job opportunities.

Call center agent: Millions of companies rely on call centers to support customers both before and after they make a purchase. Thanks to the availability of affordable VoIP (Voice-over-IP) systems and phone-routing technology, many call center agents today actually work from home, making it an ideal position for people with physical disabilities. Many call center operations provide detailed documentation to help agents effectively solve customer issues.

Writing articles, books, blogs and more: If you have a way with words, writing is another job you can do from the comfort of your home, without worrying about navigating offices and unfamiliar areas. Writing is even a suitable job for people with vision impairment, thanks to technology tools that make these typically visual tasks possible for anyone with visual impairment.

Dog-walking or dog-boarding: If your disability isn’t physical, dog-walking could be the perfect job for you. Offer your services to friends and neighbors, or place an ad to let pet owners know that you’re available to walk their four-legged friends when they’re at work or too busy. Plus, you get the added benefit of spending time with lovable pups, which is good for the soul. If you have a suitable space, dog-boarding is another option.

Software, game or app development: If you have an affinity for tinkering with code and enjoy working with computers, honing your skills as a software, game or app developer could turn into a lucrative career opportunity. Because you’ll spend most of your time working with computers and code, you can develop games and software programs from anywhere.

There are many job opportunities for people with disabilities. No matter what limitations you have as a result of your disability, there’s a suitable job out there for you.

Image via Pixabay

Jenny Wise is a stay-at-home mom and home educator. She and her husband decided to homeschool when their oldest was four years old. During their journey, they’ve expanded their family and have faced many challenges. But they’re happy to have overcome each one. Jenny writes about her family’s experiences and homeschool, in general, on her new blog, SpecialHomeEducator.com.

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