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Twitter Chat Recap: #CottonTalk w/ C&A Foundation

Marissa headshotWords by Marissa Rosen

C&A foundation Sponsored Series

From Farm to Factory: A 3 Part Series on Social Impacts in Apparel

Today, the C&A Foundation and guest panelists discussed the drive around the sustainable cotton industry, and why it is making a huge difference globally. Providing their thought leadership, Richard Holland (Director, Market Transformation Initiative at WWF), Shona Quinn (Sustainability Leader at Eileen Fisher), and Anita Chester (Head of Sustainable Raw Materials at C&A Foundation) weighed in and shared their experiences.

Cotton is known as “the fabric of our lives,” and it’s true. Chances are you are wearing cotton fibers right now. This cash crop is indispensable to the apparel industry and the economies of entire countries. However, its environmental and social impact can be huge.

Through this conversation, and our currently running editorial series, we are gaining a deeper understanding of this critical crop, understanding methods to reduce its footprint, and learning how to define sustainable cotton now and in the future.

During #CottonTalk, we addressed the following topics, and more:

  • Environmental impact of cotton farming and benefits of more sustainable cotton?

  • What are the challenges on the market with organic and more sustainable cotton?

  • How does buying clothes made from organic or more sustainable cotton make a difference?

C&A Foundation Twitter chat


  • Richard Holland (@RichardDHolland) - Director, Market Transformation Initiative at WWF

  • Shona Quinn (@Shona_Quinn) - Sustainability Leader at Eileen Fisher

  • Anita Chester (@AnitaChester58) - Head of Sustainable Raw Materials at C&A Foundation


  • The TriplePundit Team

About C&A Foundation

C&A Foundation is a private foundation, affiliated with the global clothing retailer C&A. C&A Foundation is working to transform the apparel industry into a fair and sustainable industry that respects the rights of workers, improves livelihoods and the conserves the environment. It collaborates with key partners to achieve the best results and greatest long term impact. From farmers to factory workers, C&A Foundation helps build strong and resilient communities in all the countries it touches.

Image credit: NorWood Themes and Marten Bjork via Unsplash

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