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Net Impact Sponsored Series

Net Impact 2017

Derreck Kayongo - From Refugee to CEO

By 3p Conferences

Derreck Kayongo brings life to the word tenacity. Kayongo will be a keynote speaker at the 2017 Net Impact Conference where he will inspire attendees with his Path to Purpose.

From Unthinkable Hardship to Incredible Impact

Kayongo was born in Kampala, Uganda just before General Idi Amin Dada, now one of history’s most notorious dictators, seized power in a military coup. As violence spread through the country and civil war erupted, Kayongo and his family became refugees in Kenya. He later immigrated to America to attend university. Throughout his successful career as an entrepreneur and human rights innovator, Kayongo has become a renowned expert in environmental sustainability and global health. Since 1994, he has served in leadership roles at some of the world’s most respected NGOs.

In 2009, Kayongo and his wife began laying the foundations for the Global Soap Project with veteran hospitality executive, Vicki Gordon. He recalled his time visiting refugee camps—where lack of basic hygiene left families vulnerable to disease. Kayongo came up with the idea to recycle discarded and partially-used soap from hotels and strategically distribute the bars to those lacking access to it around the world. The Global Soap Project has since partnered with many other leading global health organizations. It creates immediate positive health impact and supports local economies.

Today, Kayongo is the CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia. The Center allows visitors to explore the fundamental rights of all human beings and leave empowered to join the conversation in their own communities. In 2011, he was named a 2011 CNN Hero, and in 2016 the Georgia State Senate passed a resolution recognizing Kayongo’s incredible journey from refugee to CEO.

Kayongo has made a meaningful difference in the human rights and sustainability movements. Register today to hear Kayongo’s keynote speech and to reserve your spot on the National Center for Civil and Human Rights excursion at the 2017 Net Impact Conference.

Are you passionate about human rights? Join the conversation with @derreckkayongo and the Center (@Ctr4CHR). 

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