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AMD Puts People First in its Commitment to Be a Responsible Corporate Citizen

By Vikas Vij

When a company has a deep-rooted culture to put people first, profits follow. Corporate responsibility in these companies means generating shared value with their customers, suppliers, investors, employees and communities.

On that point, AMD has published its 23rd annual corporate responsibility update, which highlights the company’s continued commitment to enable a better world by being an employer of choice. AMD says it is working to strengthen its communities and make an impact on the planet through its motivated, innovative and fully engaged workforce.

Health and Safety

The Silicon Valley-based semiconductor company has increased its focus on training and timely reporting of injury and illnesses, which according to AMD has resulted in a significantly lower workforce injury and illness case rate than the industry average. The company’s worldwide case rate was 0.05 per 100 workers in 2017 compared to OSHA’s private industry case rate of 3.0.

AMD says it has also established best-in-class health and safety goals for its wafer foundry suppliers to outperform the industry average across various safety parameters. In the report, the company describes how it goes beyond the conventional standards in areas such as prevention of injury and illness, emergency preparedness and response, ergonomics, safety, and employee well-being.

Investing in Talent Management

Apart from providing its employees with competitive compensation, AMD supports them with employee assistance programs, health and wellness initiatives, and tuition reimbursements. It provides an array of technical, leadership and management training programs to promote career development of its employees.

AMD insists that it rewards not just the top performers, but also those who demonstrate a commitment to improve their capabilities. The company periodically surveys its employees worldwide to assess their satisfaction levels and their views on the company’s corporate responsibility programs. According to the survey results in 2017, nearly 8 in 10 employees said that they are proud of the company’s involvement in community and social causes.

Finally, AMD claims that the company encourages a work culture where employees feel safe to voice dissenting opinions, challenge the status quo, and take calculated risks.

Engagement through Employee Resource Groups

AMD has formed Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to promote a highly engaged workforce. Some of the notable ERGs include:

AMD Go Green: the group includes AMD Green Teams at various locations that work to inspire and educate company employees worldwide to conserve resources and save the environment.

AMD Pride: the mission of the LGBTQ and Allies of AMD Pride is to foster an inclusive work environment, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation, through networking, education and workplace collaboration.

AMD Women’s Forum: this group aims to foster innovation across the organization through the contributions and collaboration of women.

uAMD: This is a virtual learning and development community for all employees to gain and share knowledge and expertise in areas of research, industry practices, and everyday tasks.

AMD Caregivers: This group’s mission is to ensure that every needful individual has the necessary tools to alleviate the challenges of caring for loved ones and pets.

Global Inclusion

AMD says it believes innovation and creativity receive a boost when diverse teams operate in a culture of inclusion. Diversity promotes productivity, improves problem solving, and ultimately drives business performance and profits. This approach, according to the company, has helped AMD become a place where all voices are heard, and all perspectives are embraced.

The company maintains its strength lies in consciously building a diverse talent pipeline, increasing inclusion of under-represented groups, and encouraging a culture of respect and belonging.

“Our employees are highly engaged and proud to work at AMD, with a strong belief in our products and mission and an understanding that each person has an important role in our success,” said Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO, in her letter to the shareholders. “Each year, thousands of AMDers roll up their sleeves to make a difference where we live and work.”

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Image credit: AMD

Vikas Vij headshot

Vikas is an MBA with 25 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience. He is the author of “The Power of Money” (Scholars, 2003), a book that presents a revolutionary monetary economic theory on poverty alleviation in the developing world. Vikas runs a digital content development company, and personally loves to write on global sustainability issues.

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