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How to Do Business Like a Canadian

By 3p Conferences

This article is sponsored by CBSR. It went through our normal editorial review process


This year at GLOBE Forum 2018, Leor Rotchild, of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR), spoke at The Walrus Talks Energy about what it means to "do business like a Canadian", or in Twitter parlance, #DoBusinessLikeACDN.

What does it mean to do business like a Canadian? What do we as citizens have in common across the country? What is the unique part of Canadian businesses that allows us to be a force for good while remaining competitive on the world stage? These are some of the questions that Rotchild raised—and addressed.This is the first in a multi-part series of video presentations by CBSR that TriplePundit will be presenting this year in attempting to answer these and other issues.

One CBSR offering of note is the organization's Transformational Company Qualities checklist, an analytical tool that outlines 19 aspects against which companies can measure themselves. It is structured around three basic pillars: What you do, how you do it, and who you do it with. Explains Rotchild: "We are working to simplify available resources to engage the unengaged, and to equip sustainability and corporate responsibility professionals with practical, useful tools they can use within their companies. CBSR uses [TCQ] to advise companies looking to move from good to world class." CBSR advises that the checklist can be used in board or leader education or strategy sessions, benchmarking or gap assessments, in sustainability or CSR strategy tune-ups or simply to see how many of these qualities are already in place in your company.

Rotchild spent nearly a decade as a sustainability and corporate responsibility advisor in the energy sector before co-founding an environmental startup and consulting to organizations on how to collaborate to solve complex challenges. He currently serves as executive director for CBSR, a professional association for forward-thinking companies across Canada. CBSR facilitates important conversations, collaborations, and thought leadership to address the challenges of our time and promote responsible Canadian businesses as a force for good in the world.

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