Green Festival Comes to Los Angeles

For the past ten years, the Green Festival has been an annual or bi-annual event in San Francisco.  The Green Festival has also taken place elsewhere across the country, with Chicago, Seattle, and Washington D.C. to name a few locations.  Now, for the first time in its decade of existence, the Green Festival is coming to Los Angeles.

The Green Festival will be in Los Angeles from October 29-30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“This unique experience celebrates positive solutions working in our communities.  It’s where people come to meet renowned authors, actors, visionaries and community leaders; shop with hundreds of green businesses; participate in DIY workshops; enjoy live music and local vegan and vegetarian cuisine; and join friends at the organic beer and wine garden.”

The Green Festival itself is a joint project between two non-profits, Green America and Global Exchange.  As such, the festival itself is run as a non-profit and grassroots event.  The Green Festival Los Angeles will be no different.

Furthermore, this unique experience isn’t just about being sustainable or green, but also about what is unique to LA.  Every host city has a different flavor to offer.  What is it that makes Los Angeles, Los Angeles?  What good sustainable ideas and solutions are hiding in the nooks and crannies in the South Land?

In order to discover and bring to awareness local sustainability efforts, those who not only live in the area, but work in the world of sustainable solutions were tapped.  Although the Green Festival is a nation wide organization, it’s approach is very bottom-up and very grass roots.

Over the past few months, in preparation for the big event, organizers held Host Committee meetings, made up of the Los Angeles local sustainable and green brain trust.  In other words, non-profits, businesses, and individuals that make sustainability happen in LA.

Since LA is also known as the film and entertainment capital of the country, if not the world, why not include this as part of the Green Festival LA?.  You bet it will be part of the Green Festival: Their promotion mentions that attendees can “view socially and environmentally impactful film shorts at the Communications Revolution Stage and the Sierra Club Green Cinema.”

Los Angeles also has a large Latino population.  In the same spirit of being local to LA, “Spanish language programming will include Latino cooking demonstrations, greening your  home and garden, and activities for the whole family at the Green Kid’s Zone.”

There is lots more in store for the Green Festival Los Angeles.  As a Los Angeles based writer for TriplePundit, I hope to see you there!

Jonathan Mariano is an MBA candidate with the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA. His interests include the convergence between lean & green and pursuing free-market based sustainable solutions.

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